Subsea Service Support Infrastructure

Support for subsea operations from beginning to end

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Local teams and a global network of expertise

Schlumberger commits a local team to each operation that is dedicated to ensure quality, health, safety, protection of the environment, performance, and supply chain management. Our worldwide organization enables us to staff projects with our own specialists who understand the requirements in your geographic area.

Subsea landing string worldwide locations

We are currently active in all the major subsea provinces and have a significant track record extending to thousands of jobs using our subsea landing string systems.

  • Service support infrastructure is managed centrally from the Testing Services headquarters in Paris to ensure global consistency.
  • European Learning Center in Melun, France, near Paris, provides all levels of project management and subsea landing string services training for engineers, specialists, and operations personnel. The structured courses conducted here ensure a consistently high standard of operations throughout the world.
  • Schlumberger OneSubsea Headquarters in Houston is where all subsea landing string engineering is performed.
  • Manufacturing is handled in Celle, Germany and Taubate, Brazil.

Also underpinning the efforts of the onsite teams are dedicated engineering resources available 24/7 through an internal online support and knowledge management system.

Operating a SenTREE system on an offshore rig.