Subsea test tree

Man pressing a button on the SenTREE 3 console.

Well test and cleanup operations from any floating rig


The SenTREE 3 subsea test tree is a singular subsea safety solution for well test and cleanup operations from any floating rig. This field-proven modular system can be configured to any BOP stack and comprises

  • dual fail-safe ball valve–flapper valve assembly
  • latch connector assembly
  • retainer valve.

The SenTREE 3 test tree provides a 3-in [76.2-mm] wellbore access, dual-barrier well control, and a reliable, fast-acting means to shut in a well and disconnect in the event of an emergency.

Independently controlled barriers govern wellbore fluid flow 

Two independently controlled barriers—a ball valve and a flapper valve—govern wellbore fluid flow at the subsea BOP. Sequential valve closure ensures that the flapper valve closes only after the ball valve is closed. The pump-through ability of the valve assembly permits well control if the hydraulic control pressure is lost.

If required, the ball valve can be used to cut a variety of media, including slickline, wireline, and coiled tubing up to 1 1/4-in OD. An optional module can be added for increased cutting capability, if required. The retainer valve provides environmental protection by holding hydrocarbons in the landing string after a disconnect.

Operating flexibility and reliability enable quick disconnect

Operating system options for the SenTREE 3 test tree support operations in water depths ranging from shallow to ultradeep water, enabling subsea test tree disconnection in as little as 15 seconds. Control systems communicate via direct hydraulics or electrohydraulics, depending on the application and operating environment.

SenTREE 3 product diagram.