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Large-bore subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system

Testing control panel setting up the SenTURIAN system.

Lower risk and quicker rig-up time

The compact SenTURIAN large-bore subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system features a flexible, modular design and simple operation, providing up to 50% rig-time savings during handling.

Designed to operate from dynamically positioned vessels in all subsea wells, including deep water and HPHT, this highly adaptable system allows customization and upgrades to meet project-specific requirements.

Modular and flexible design

The modular system employs an innovative type of electrohydraulic communication and is compatible with all Schlumberger subsea landing string systems. The operating system is ideally suited for landing string installation applications, providing telemetry feedback and verification of subsea and downhole equipment functionality and integrity. It can also be used for cleanup landing string operations during exploration and appraisal or development, providing full well control and equipment verification.

The SenTURIAN system enables full operation of SenTREE subsea test tree systems, tubing hanger running tools, and below-tubing hanger functions, lubricator valves, and surface flow heads. This fast-acting operating system has programmable emergency shutdown levels, which can be configured to shut in a well and unlatch the landing string in less than 15 seconds.

The modular design of the SenTURIAN system enables compliance with ISO 13628-7 standards by providing electronic redundancy and pressure readout for each subsea function.

The electronic redundancy feature includes fully redundant electric control, and the pressure readout provides multiple pressure transmitter and flowmeter functionality, allowing triple-point verification of valve actuation (i.e., electrical contact, pressure reading, and flow measurement).

Subsea safety first with SIL 2 certification

The SenTURIAN system uses the world’s first in-riser operating system designed and certified in accordance with IEC 61508 SIL 2 reliability specifications for safety-related systems. This design approach sets a new industry benchmark for reliability of in-riser electrohydraulic operating systems.

SenTURIAN system diagram.
Subsea Landing String Electrohydraulic Operating System