High-pressure completion subsea test tree

Woman adjusting a Sentree HP.

Provides reliable, repeatable well control in a wide variety of water depths

The SenTREE HP high-pressure completion subsea test tree is the primary subsea well control solution for completion, flow testing, intervention, and other subsea well operations performed from a floating vessel in challenging environments.

This high-performance field-proven modular system consists of a ball valve module, an integral flapper valve and latch reentry profile, a hydraulic latch module, and a retainer valve with integral bleedoff valve, which is configurable to suit the BOP stack and other subsea interfaces.

Prevents fluid spills during controlled and emergency disconnects

The SenTREE HP test tree provides large-bore (6.375-in [162-mm]) well access, dual-barrier well control, and a reliable means to disconnect the completion landing string in the event of an emergency.

Two independently controlled barriers—a ball valve and a flapper valve—govern wellbore fluid flow at the subsea BOP. These fail-closed valves secure the wellbore if hydraulic control pressure is lost. If required, the ball valve module can be used to cut a variety of media, including slickline, wireline, and coiled tubing. The ball valve can cut 2-in OD coiled tubing (0.151-in wall thickness, 112,000-psi yield) in an emergency. An optional module can be added for increased cutting capability, if required. The retainer valve provides environmental protection by holding hydrocarbons in the landing string after disconnect.

Enables configurability and customization for adaptability in challenging environments 

Operating system options for the SenTREE HP test tree support operations performed from anchored or dynamically positioned vessels in water depths ranging from shallow to ultradeepwater.

Multiple hydraulic and electrical ports allow customization of the SenTREE HP test tree for

  • control of tubing hanger running tool
  • subsurface safety valve and completion equipment devices
  • downhole chemical injection
  • line integrity monitoring during running or retrieving operations.
SenTREE HP system diagram.