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Artificial Lift

Published: 07/14/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Artificial lift has long proved to boost production in the vast majority of wells worldwide; however, pump systems must be carefully managed, especially in unconventional reservoirs characterized by rapid pressure changes and production declines.

Traditionally, operators have focused on reacting to shutdowns and then studying trends to observe how pumps are behaving. Companies are now recognizing that the ability to use raw data to make real-time decisions and take immediate action is what makes the difference in maximizing production, minimizing downtime and reducing operating expenditures.

An article in the Hart Energy Playbook Taking Artificial Lift to the Next Level highlights a new integrated, solutions-based web platform that takes artificial lift surveillance and monitoring to the next level by providing analytic and diagnostic tools that enable operators to more proactively monitor and optimize pump performance, from a single well to an entire field.

Using analytical tools embedded in the system, engineers can conduct well system diagnostics in real time and optimize data to understand the reasons behind every event to take corrective steps.

In addition to monitoring the critical commissioning phase of an artificial lift system, the service provides long-term monitoring and analysis and proactively manages pump operation for the entire production life cycle of the well. The article includes a case study from North America. Read the full article here.

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