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Big Data

Published: 03/21/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger has a long-term commitment for investment in science and knowledge. The company is an industry leader in high performance computing (HPC) applications and is also committed to continuing the technology leadership that this demands by increasing collaboration and integration via cloud-native solutions based on both public and private cloud infrastructures.

At the Google Next 2017 conference, Ashok Belani, executive vice president of technology for Schlumberger, presented the company’s HPC infrastructure evolution, and how a cloud environment offers flexibility and scalability that can generate higher efficiency in operations.

Schlumberger has partnered to develop architecture to run advanced algorithms in the cloud to scale data capacity to meet precise needs—faster, and in greater detail, than ever before.

“Big data is key for productivity improvements,” says Belani, "we are now leveraging the strengths offered by cloud computation stacks to bring our data processing to the next level—utilizing powerful processing capabilities, while facilitating collaboration between locations across the world. We are identifying new ways of working with big data that will enable the next step-change in performance improvements for our operations.”

With the support of its Software Technology Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, Schlumberger will continue to partner with technology industry leaders enabling its software engineers to design and implement cutting edge solutions on cloud infrastructures.

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