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Getting A Boost with Artificial Lift

Workflow designed for selecting optimal type of artificial lift

Challenging oilfield economics are incentivizing producers to increase asset values by extending production in mature reservoirs, even reopening abandoned wells rather than launching new drilling campaigns. Artificial lift has a key role to play in this growing trend. The tried-and-true methods, including electric submersible pumps and rod pumps, continue to prove themselves as techniques for bringing old wells back to life.

Engineering an artificial lift strategy that balances economic factors with specific well application considerations can be a game changer for optimizing complex reservoirs where recoverable reserves remain by extending equipment runlife, reducing the cost per barrel of oil and boosting incremental production.

The Schlumberger LiftSelect strategic production planning service is designed to simplify the process of selecting the artificial lift method that best suits operator objectives and uses available field and reservoir data to model well behavior. The service combines the vast amount of data from conventional manual workflows to streamline the decision-making process for selecting the optimum artificial lift method for a specific well.

An article in E&P “Getting A Boost: A workflow was designed for selecting the optimal type of artificial lift for reactivating abandoned wells” describes how initial screening of the field narrows the options using software that evaluates the seven major types of artificial lift against well criteria, and how the LiftSelect strategic production planning service has the capability to calculate results such as production rates, cumulative volumes, capex, opex, net present value and pump properties. The article includes a case study from South America. Read the article here.

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