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Global Reach with Local Impact

Published: 11/15/2019

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Agile and responsive

Saudi Aramco recently deployed its first bit purchased from the Smith Bits manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia—a 5 7/8-in matrix PDC bit drilled 1,570 ft with an average ROP of 14.6 f/h, and dull grading after the run showed minimal wear.

Located in the Modon Industrial Area of Dharan, the 2,000-mfacility enables Smith Bits to be more agile and responsive to regional market demand by improving global manufacturing capacity that better aligns with the increased local drilling activities. In fact, manufacturing includes crucial technologies to area drilling activities, such as AxeBlade ridged diamond element bits and FireStorm wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology.

FirstPDC bi t manufactured by Smith Bits in Saudi Arabia and sold to Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco's first bit purchased from the Saudi Arabia facility showed minimal wear after its run.

Quality and performance

The facility began service in 2015. The workforce comprises 56% Saudi labor and continues to increase. And for the past four years, there have been zero work-related lost-time incidents. This highly-skilled workforce exhibits pride in being the source of locally made drill bits, which sustains service quality expectations for area customers such as Saudi Aramco.

Additionally, the facility represents an ongoing effort by Schlumberger to have a positive influence on the communities in which we live and work. A substantial local workforce combined with increasing local content through direct capex helps the growth and diversification of the Saudi economy.

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