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FireStorm PDC Bits

Wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology

illustration of FireStorm bit breaking through formation
FireStorm Wear-Resistant High-Impact PDC Cutter Technology
The dull condition of previous-generation PDC technology showed considerable damage (left), while the cutters using FireStorm technology demonstrated better resistance to wear and impact (right).

Innovative design delivers both wear and impact resistance

Previous generations of PDC cutters have offered high impact resistance but poor wear. Others provide exceptional wear resistance but relatively limited impact resistance. FireStorm technology offers resistance to both impact and wear in a single efficient solution. Laboratory testing confirms that FireStorm technology delivers superior wear resistance while increasing impact resistance by an average of 20%.

With identical simulated drilling load applied to both cutters, the previous-generation PDC technology shows high tensile stress near the interface. In contrast, FireStorm technology displays a significant reduction in stress near the interface.

Minimizing the residual stress at the interface of the polycrystalline diamond table and tungsten carbide substrate is key to improving impact resistance. Along with optimized selection of materials and a HPHT polycrystalline sintering process, the engineered tungsten carbide substrate with improved residual stress allows for FireStorm technology’s enhanced capabilities.

FireStorm wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology FireStorm wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology