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High-Performance Future

Published: 02/14/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

During the 2020 EGYPS Egypt Petroleum Show, Schlumberger Chief Executive Officer Olivier Le Peuch participated as part of the global leaders session to discuss the importance of forward looking partnerships to deliver growth aspirations in the industry.

As part of the company’s commitment to growth areas and in-country partnerships, Schlumberger has announced the Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG), a unique and innovative project in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum for digitizing subsurface information and delivering a digital subsurface platform to ensure Egypt's subsurface data is kept evergreen.

“Schlumberger is very proud to have been selected for this unique partnership,” said Le Peuch during the EUG announcement ceremony, “we’re looking forward to creating an industry-first solution, that will transform not only the Egypt oil and gas core processes, but also will serve as a benchmark for many countries and basins in the future.”

The EUG leverages the GAIA data discovery and marketplace platform and provides additional value-added solutions—enabled by digital technology and domain expertise—using the DELFI E&P cognitive environment capabilities and technologies.

“The future of the oil and gas industry is digital,” noted Le Peuch, “and the EUG marks an important moment that will open a new, high-performance future for Egyptian oil and gas.”

Learn more about the Egypt Upstream Gateway here.

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