Punto Verde Certification

Published: 04/07/2021

Operator in SLB blue coveralls standing in front of spools of equipment

In line with Schlumberger’s focus on helping customers reduce their environmental impact, the company offers a portfolio of more than 100 technologies that consume fewer resources, generate fewer by-products, leverage digital, and enable renewable energy use.

The Schlumberger team in Ecuador has been recognized with Punto Verde certifications for these sustainable best practices.

Punto Verde is a certification by Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment that is given to companies that promote sustainable practices and clean processes, use environmentally friendly technologies, and provide services that reduce emissions.

Person giving speech at podium.
At the Punto Verde recognition event in 2020, Carlos Sarmiento, Schlumberger Managing Director for Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru (ECP) expressed his appreciation and highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable best practices.
Person speaking at podium.
At the event, Ernesto Ordoñez, the company’s HSE Manager for ECP, thanked the Schlumberger team for its continued commitment to the development of sustainable technologies.

For several years, the Schlumberger team in Ecuador has compiled energy data generated in the field to define a baseline, then compared various parameters to determine technologies and processes with potential emission reductions and other environmental benefits.

The audit process is conducted by a third-party entity approved by the Ministry of Environment in Ecuador, and practices and technologies identified in the audit were selected for Punto Verde certification by the Ministry.

In protected areas, Punto Verde certification enables Schlumberger to use these impact-reducing technologies in environmentally sensitive areas, which is setting a new standard for its customers and stakeholders in Ecuador.

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