ConocoPhillips Minimizes Downhole Time by Capturing Two Production Logs in Single Run

Published: 07/24/2015

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Operating in the complex environment of the Barnett Shale required a thorough understanding of program effectiveness.
Operating in the complex environment of the Barnett Shale required a thorough understanding of program effectiveness.

Operator seeks long-term monitoring without regular intervention

ConocoPhillips required long-term production monitoring to analyze completion effectiveness, reservoir depletion, and zonal flow contributions for wells located within the Barnett Shale formation. The conventional approach for horizontal wells required separate production logs over different time periods to evaluate changing well performance.

Integrated service uses fiber-optic telemetry

To minimize required time downhole for collection of well data, ConocoPhillips chose to explore and evaluate the use of fiber optics. Conventional methods required data collection of DTS measurements in two separate runs; the first run would be completed using a fiber optic–enabled CT for DTS, and a second run with an electric line inside CT for production logging. Using the ACTive PS service, ConocoPhillips acquired both DTS and Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system measurements in one run.

As part of the ACTive family of live downhole coiled tubing services, ACTive PS service uses fiber optic–enabled telemetry and downhole wireline data conversion to deliver high-quality, real-time data for tools conventionally only available in memory mode or with live telemetry via electric line.

ACTive PS service optimizes logging techniques, saving time and money

ConocoPhillips required DTS and Flow Scanner system logs, and ACTive PS enabled real-time telemetry to surface, eliminating the use of wireline logging cable–equipped CT and capturing both logs in a single run. This technique reduced time, risk, and cost, ultimately providing two logs without tripping CT in and out of the well to switch CT strings.

Barnett Shale, United States, North America, Onshore


  • Understand fracture and completion program effectiveness using production logging technologies.
  • Compare production monitoring capabilities of fiber optics in dry gas wells.

Solution: Deploy ACTive PS live CT production logging service to acquire production logging and distributed temperature sensing (DTS) measurements in a single run.


  • Validated production monitoring capabilities of fiber optics, with a strong correlation to wireline production logs.
  • Saved one trip downhole for each well, reducing risk, cost, and time.
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