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CT real-time production logging service

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Optimize well intervention

The ACTive PS CT real-time production logging service couples real-time fiber-optic telemetry with existing advanced wireline production logging tools. In just one trip to the wellsite, this combination enables the highest-quality onsite evaluation, well stimulation treatment design, real-time treatment diagnostics, and well production optimization. Production logging is acquired in real time, so reservoir and production measurements are interpreted for subsequent interventions—where they matter most.

Improve logistics with less equipment

Traditional production logging operations require a logging cable–equipped CT string and a standard logging unit, which typically accounts for an additional conventional CT reel for intervention operations before and after the logging is performed.

ACTive services use a fiber-optic-enabled CT string for telemetry, enabling any kind of workover intervention. The BHA of the ACTive PS service powers and communicates with conventional production logging tools. Data is sent wirelessly from the working reel to the acquisition and interpretation computer on the surface, eliminating on-location surface logging units. Because the technology is entirely self-contained, only the ACTive PS service BHA and a production logging engineer are required on location with the CT unit.

Mobilizing this reduced amount of equipment happens only once, saving logistics time and costs. Operations are safer because fewer crew members are required, and the environmental footprint is minimized by eliminating the wireline logging unit and the second logging cable–equipped CT string.

Refine well profiling with high-quality data

Memory production logging operations are often inconclusive because of low log quality due to the inability to gather sufficient data across critical intervals. With ACTive PS service technology, however, distributed temperature measurements are captured in real time and combined with the already robust production logging data to get the most accurate picture of the well production profile. This real-time functionality helps avoid misruns, lost data, depth inaccuracy, controlled passes, and slickline limitations.

More data from the reservoir is easily attained and can be used to monitor or update well performance information. This data can also be used with other ACTive real-time downhole coiled tubing services to customize detailed treatment plans (e.g., identifying water-producing intervals or intervals of lower or higher production that require more acid or diversion fluid injection).

Fiber-optic technology enables the CT string to communicate with the production logging tools, while power is provided by the BHA. The self-contained technology sends data wirelessly, eliminating a surface logging unit on location.
CT real-time production logging service