Secure, Remote Access to Field Datasets Enables Potential Investors to Complete Asset Evaluations

Published: 03/09/2021

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Perform remote asset evaluations

An operator wanted to enable a group of potential investors at various locations to perform detailed assessments of the operator’s field. Given the highly confidential nature of an asset evaluation, the operator sought a secure, virtual solution that could provide each investor access to field data and information to complete their respective evaluations.

The cloud-based DELFI cognitive E&P environment provides secure, remote, unlimited, 24/7 access to virtual data rooms that feature a full suite of petrotechnical solutions, including the Petrel E&P software platform, Techlog wellbore software platform, and OFM well and reservoir analysis software, as well as access to reports and other supporting documentation. Accessible from anywhere using most mobile and desktop devices—regardless of operating system—DELFI Virtual Data Room provides private workspaces for conducting asset evaluations.

Image of well log provided by DELFI Virtual Data Room.
DELFI Virtual Data Room provided potential investors secure, remote, and easy access to crucial field data to perform their respective asset evaluations. The interface is watermarked to protect the data.
Image of well log provided by DELFI Virtual Data Room.

"Due to travel constraints, we were looking for a secure and versatile platform to enable geoscientists to remotely access large volumes of seismic data and perform their own analysis globally. The DELFI environment offers a package of subsurface interpretation software tools like the Petrel and Techlog platforms. Its secure and one-stop nature perfectly fits our purpose. The 24/7 availability of technical support and the virtual data room significantly improved our work efficiency in comparison to the conventional physical data room."

—Senior Manager, Exploration

The Schlumberger team in Beijing supported the operator in uploading datasets into the DELFI Virtual Data Room and assisted personnel in reviewing and validating content. The team also assisted with onboarding the operator and helped grant system access to potential investors.

Eliminate physical colocation and travel

The DELFI Virtual Data Room can be deployed in cloud-hosting data centers around the globe with full scalability to meet different access requirements. Deployed in a data center in northwest Europe, the virtual data room ensured easy access and performance for all potential investors. This capability enabled them to successfully perform in-depth asset evaluations within their respective asset teams while avoiding physical colocation to onsite data rooms—eliminating the need for travel and facilitating faster collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.


By uploading datasets into DELFI Virtual Data Room, an operator enabled various potential investors to perform detailed, remote assessments of a field in the Asia Pacific region.

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