MaxPull System Pulls >29,300 lbf to Free Stuck Tester, Saving USD 3,050,000

Published: 03/29/2016

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Improving efficiency of high-tension logging

A Gulf of Mexico operator wanted to improve efficiency and minimize risk in conducting a logging program in a highly tortuous deepwater well. Conventional logging on drillpipe was indicated because tension modeling of the multiple planned runs had determined that they would have extreme values of normal logging tension, with the highest requiring 20,900 lbf. However, logging on drillpipe would be a lengthy and costly operation as a result of the well's complex trajectory and depth.

Customizing integrated wireline conveyance for reliable high pull

Instead of logging on drillpipe, the operator elected to more efficiently convey the logging toolstrings on wireline with the MaxPull 30000 high-pull system. The MaxPull 30000 system uses TuffLINE 30000 composite cable, which is the industry's highest strength cable. Whereas conventional high-pull technology permits only three pull cycles at 21,000 lbf, the MaxPull 30000 system enables multiple pull cycling at up to 30,000-lbf pull..

The advanced Well Conveyance Planner was used to specify the MaxPull system's modular components, including WellSKATE low-friction well-access accessories and the SureLOC electronically controlled cable release device and optional multiple inline release devices positioned strategically along the toolstring..

Successfully pulling free at more than 29,300 lbf

The high pull capacity of the MaxPull 30000 system successfully mitigated sticking risk for the operator. During the MDT modular formation dynamics tester run, the toolstring became stuck upon completion of an extended sampling station. Initial attempts at 26,000 lbf were not sufficient to free it. It took a pull in excess of 29,300 lbf to free the toolstring, which saved USD 3,050,000 for the operator by avoiding a 4-day fishing job along with the loss of valuable reservoir fluid and pressure data.

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Only the MaxPull 30000 high-pull wireline system has the pull capacity to minimize tool stickance and the associated operational cost and risk.
Gulf of Mexico, United States, North America, Offshore

Challenge: Efficiently conduct a logging program in a complex deepwater Gulf of Mexico well for which all planned runs were modeled with extreme normal logging tensions of up to 20,900 lbf

Solution: Avoid costly, time-consuming logging on drillpipe while having the risk-mitigating ability to apply multiple pull cycles at up to 30,000 lbf by conveying the logging toolstrings on the MaxPull* 30000 high-pull wireline conveyance system incorporating TuffLINE 30000 torque-balanced composite cable

Results: Freed a stuck wireline formation tester toolstring after an extended sampling station with a pull in excess of 29,300 lbf to save USD 3,050,000 by avoiding a 4-day fishing job along with the loss of valuable reservoir fluid and pressure data