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Case Study
Norway, Europe, Offshore

Challenge: Optimize the performance of a field data management system (FDMS) for Bayerngas Norge (BGN) to facilitate its strategic business and operations goals.

Solution: Initiate a managed services agreement (MSA) for the Avocet production operations software platform and OFM well and reservoir analysis software of the FDMS, providing regular system maintenance and continuous monitoring.


  • Achieved system availability rating of 99.4%.
  • Reduced risk of NPT.
  • Enhanced quality and saved time on routine tasks through automation.
  • Ensured correct production data was used throughout BGN.
  • Supported scalability for strategic acquisitions.

Managed Services Agreement Improves Efficiency of Field Data Management System for Bayerngas Norge

FDMS rates 99.4% for user availability—ensuring production data accuracy and accessibility for BGN’s key stakeholders at all times

Ensure optimal functionality of field data management system

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach to production and operations management, BGN selected a field data management system, utilizing the Avocet platform and OFM software, to unite both its field measurements and business metrics. The result was a single-source solution for BGN's various stakeholders, including asset teams, IT and information management, and finance to access key data and establish more streamlined end-to-end and automated workflows.

As the provider chosen to implement the system, Schlumberber worked closely with BGN to identify several KPIs for the system: data availability and consistency and scalability. Data availability and consistency were necessary for BGN's stakeholders to execute their mission-critical business functions, including production allocation, accounting and reporting, and production monitoring. Scalability of the system was also important because BGN sought to grow its operations to become operator for producing fields. To ensure the scalability KPI would be met for the project, it was imperative no disruption occur to continued operations during the upgrading process.

Because the FDMS serves several mission-critical business and operations functions for BGN, ensuring optimal system functionality was key to the company's vision for the FMDS. As such, once the system was deployed, BGN's focus turned to how it could best meet its KPIs for the system.

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The managed services agreement achieved an availability rating of 99.4% for the field data management system, supporting data availability and consistency and scalability KPIs.

Receive regular system maintenance and continuous monitoring

The recommended solution was a MSA for the Avocet platform and OFM software of the FDMS to ensure optimal system performance with regular maintenance and continuous monitoring.

Schlumberger delivered

  • configuration of updates for the deployed system
  • system health check
  • data quality check
  • production and test environment synchronization
  • workshops and call-off services.

Reduced NPT and ensured fieldwide data availability and consistency and system scalability

Through continual service improvement, the MSA delivered a system availability rating of 99.4%. This ensured availability and consistency of the production operations data used for internal and external purposes. Monitoring, periodic system health-checks, proactive verification of data quality, and automated procedures that identify missing information on an ongoing basis have reduced the risk of NPT and associated costs. The MSA also helped support BGN's goal of preparing for new producing assets by ensuring optimal functionality during system upgrading.

The service performance is measured through a service level agreement that covers

  • incident management
  • request fulfillment and change management
  • problem management
  • continual service improvement.

The communication plan includes standard customer support service reporting on a monthly basis, service quality meetings, and issue escalation.

“Now we have one source for all the data, a common system for our team, and we’re able to stream-line our work processes with the FDMS solution and our managed services agreement.

”Inge Nysetvold, Advisor Reservoir Engineering Bayerngas Norge

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