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OFM well and reservoir analysis software

Powerful production surveillance with analytical and forecasting tools

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Be more productive

OFM software enables turning data into decisions that can improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle. Quick access to important information means that all the answers are in one place for managers, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists.

Easy to use visualizations enable engineers to understand performance and answer questions quickly while unlocking anomalies, trends and exceptions that are hidden within the data. OFM gives you the powerful intelligence required for analyzing well & reservoir, from ad-hock analysis to interactive reporting and dashboard, to industry standard workflows and powerful predictive analysis. The openness capabilities enables integration across different domains to make use of all data & workflows processed.

  • Monitor and survey performance with advanced production views.
  • Forecast production with powerful decline and type curve analysis.
  • Analyze any asset and share results using standards.
  • View, relate, and analyze reservoir and production data with comprehensive tools, including interactive base maps with production trends, bubble plots, and diagnostic plots.
  • Use a library of off-the-shelf workflow templates to guide analyses from shale production to waterflooding.

Enhance mapping

Visualizing wells and completions—or determining whether to investigate site access issues—incorporates the latest GIS technology to support better understanding of contextual information about the asset and its surroundings.

Connect multiple disciplines

Productivity is improved by driving collaboration between technical disciplines. The enhanced integration streamlines two-way data transfer between OFM software and the following:

  • Simulation models to share results from the shared earth model (via the OFM software plug-in for Petrel subsurface software)
  • Production volumes, operations data, and field event history (via the Avocet production operations software platform)
  • Project economic evaluations and forecasts (via the OFM software plug-in for Peep petroleum economic evaluation and decline analysis)
OFM 2018 Smart Well & Reservoir Intelligence System

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