Advances Since "A Study of Low-Temperature Cementing"

Published: 03/01/2011

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Studying the installation of cement systems at low temperatures was important for achieving wellbore integrity in 1962, and the performance of cement systems at low temperature continues to be critical for wellbore integrity today. Wells are still being drilled through the permafrost in the Arctic, but wells are now also being drilled in the cold-temperature, high-pressure regimes of deepwater. Heavy oil wells are being cemented in cold environments, and then the wells are subjected to large temperature and pressure increases as the steam is injected to recover the heavy oil. Computer simulations have allowed the industry to more accurately predict exposure conditions for cement. Temperature simulators can predict cement temperatures during cementing operations and during wait on cement (WOC). Computers also allow for the investigation of several other critical parameters such as efficiency of mud removal, the risk of gas migration, simulated pressures, and simulated temperatures.

Advances Since “A Study of Low Temperature Cementing”
Gunnar DeBruijn, Schlumberger
Journal of Petroleum Technology
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Deep Water Cementing
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