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Deepwater cementing solution

DeepCem - card - ocean floor

Shallow flow prevention and enhanced strength in deepwater environments

Abnormally pressured sands with high probability of shallow water flow characterize many deepwater geological environments. These flows frequently present problems in cementing operations, affecting the integrity of the well. A consequence of uncontrolled shallow water flow is subsidence. Subsidence compromises the seafloor location, causes loss of well support and buckling of structural casing, and compromises wellbore integrity, resulting in well control problems and eventual loss of the well.

With the DeepCEM deepwater cementing solution, Schlumberger deepwater slurries have all of the properties required to prevent shallow flow and ensure successful cement jobs in unconsolidated, low-temperature, deepwater environments. Rheological properties are controlled, providing low viscosities and rapid gel strength development to control shallow flow. They develop compressive strength rapidly, even at the low temperatures found on the floor of deep oceans, enabling early commencement of operations and reducing costly waiting-on-cement time.