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Self-Healing Cement Technology to Improve Long-Term Zonal Isolation


A high percentage of the total number of wells worldwide leak or show sustained casing pressure (SCP). Loss of zonal isolation, especially when leaks are vented to surface, pose safety and environmental risks, as well as the loss of valuable hydrocarbons. The FUTUR self-healing cement technology (SHC) was developed to mitigate the risk of oil or gas leaks in the event of damage to the cement sheath. FUTUR self-healing cement technology uses a responsive material where the repair mechanism is automatically activated upon exposure to hydrocarbons. The self-healing properties of the SHC technology have been demonstrated with several reservoir oils and with hydrocarbon gas. Properties of the SHC slurry and mechanical properties of the set cement are comparable to conventional systems.

Responsive, Self-Healing Cement Technology Promises to Improve Long-Term Zonal Isolation
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