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Self-healing cement system

FUTUR self-healing cement system.

Cement sheath damage can occur during drilling, perforation, stimulation, subsequent production, —and even after abandonment. The damage significantly compromises well integrity, resulting in sustained casing pressure, surface casing vent flow, or hydrocarbon crossflow. To prevent cement sheath damage or loss of hydraulic seal, the FUTUR self-healing cement system works within the cement—after it has already set.

Where conventional slurry designs and gas migration prevention tools are effective only during cement placement, FUTUR system self-heals from the time it is placed until the end of the well’'s operational life and into abandonment. The system closes flow paths and, within hours, repairs cracks and restores the cement sheath without the need for well intervention. The self-healing properties of this cement provide a durable cement sheath, long-term zonal isolation, and reliable cement sheath repair to preserve well integrity.

Long-term well integrity in Canada

Drilling for heavy oil in the Central Alberta Foothills, Suncor Energy encountered shallow gas formations, where cement sheath damage caused gas to migrate to surface. The damage resulted in surface casing vent flows and sustained casing pressure. The company used the FUTUR system with standard equipment and procedures. Well integrity was restored, and more than 3 years after implementation, wells showed no sign of pressure buildup in the annulus or at surface. 

Critical zonal isolation in Germany

Berliner Gaswerke AG operates an underground gas storage facility in Berlin. Effective zonal isolation is critical to ensure the facility'’s efficiency and environmental protection. The company needed to drill and complete a leak-free well and chose a strategy that included FUTUR self-healing cement system, which shielded against leaks and continued resealing whenever annular integrity was compromised. 

After cement placement, ultrasonic logs confirmed optimal cement bonding across the treated interval. No surface leaks were detected, and because no remedial cementing job was required, the operator saved 3 days of rig time.

FUTUR Self-healing Cement System
FUTUR system, combined with Schlumberger expertise and cementing technologies, assures long-term zonal isolation for optimal production.
Self-healing cement system