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Santos Basin, Brazil, South America, Offshore
Louise S. Durham, EXPLORER Correspondent
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Deep Data in Real Time


Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry entails acquiring and fast-forwarding crucial reservoir data to the operator, thereby enhancing the operators’ knowledge of the reservoir response for more efficient and timely decision making during reservoir testing. The new system provides data in real time for validation, providing critical information needed to meet the well test objectives. With it, operators can interact with the downhole test tools, manage reservoir events and refine well tests in real time.

In Indonesia, the new system successfully transmitted uninterrupted real-time BHP and temperature data to the surface for 7 days. Quartet downhole reservoir testing system was also proposed as a real-time communication solution on a well in the pre-salt Santos Basin, more than 150 miles offshore Brazil. Deploying the new system on the pre-salt well test allowed the client to interact with downhole equipment, manage wellbore events and refine the test in real time.

Deep Data in Real Time
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