PowerDrive Orbit RSS Drills 8 1/2-in Lateral 100% in Target in 1.79 Days

Published: 06/13/2019

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PowerDrive Orbit RSS Drills 8 ½-in Lateral 100% in Target in 1.79 Days
Together, these technologies were able to drill more than 3,000 ft [914 m] in the first 24 h of the operation and complete the whole lateral (approximately 7,000 ft [2,134 m]) in just 1.79 days. The PowerDrive Orbit RSS held the trajectory within the specified target while drilling at more than 500-ft/h [152-m/h] ROP without compromising directional control.
United States, North America, Onshore

Upton County
Wolfcamp B


Hole size
8 1/2 in


The 8 1/2-in lateral section of a well was drilled using a PowerDrive Orbit RSS with the SlimPulse service. The closed-loop inclination and azimuth control, along with the innovative pad design, has enhanced the RSS trajectory control as compared with other rotary steerable systems.

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