Point Resources AS Obtains High-Definition Images in Oil-Based Mud

Published: 09/03/2019

Concrete blue texture
High-definition borehole images of the complex Balder injectites.
Point Resources AS successfully obtained high-definition borehole images of the complex Balder injectites. The TerraSphere service delineated thin and nonstructured sands injected both perpendicular and parallel to shale bedding. This removed ambiguity on conventional log responses and enabled validation of questionable reservoir zones for inclusion in completions. The ultrasonic images also captured weak-plane failure in the shales down to the scale of millimeters. Previously, this type of high-resolution measurement was only possible with wireline imagers.
Norway, Europe, Offshore

Point Resources AS


Point Resources AS planned to drill a horizontal well in the upper part of a sand body injected with shales in the Balder field. Combined with an uncertainty in the sand properties and distribution within these zones, the shale stability presented a challenge that required high-resolution borehole imaging to delineate. The use of oil-based mud in the well resulted in the selection of the TerraSphere service to use both electromagnetic and ultrasonic imaging technology.

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