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Bahrain, Offshore
Bahrain NOC

An NOC needed to build offshore unconventional wells with a multistage fracturing treatment. Unfortunately, only limited onboard space was available for the equipment.

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NOC Stimulates Highest Number of Well Stages Ever Using Applied Creative Solutions

Record number of 20 stages completed on a single continuous operation

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To accomplish the task and resolve the issue, a large stimulation barge was built for the project. The NOC engaged Schlumberger Integrated Well Construction and Software Integrated Solutions with domain expertise to facilitate the process. The technology deployed to accomplish the project included Kinetix reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software, UltraMARINE seawater-base fracturing fluid, and HiWAY flow-channel fracturing technique. As a result, the first well delivered 9 days ahead of authorization for expenditure (AFE) target time. The horizontal section of 3,545 ft was drilled at a record ROP. Efforts resulted in the highest number of well stages ever stimulated in a single well offshore, 20 stages, during a continuous operation.

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