HydraGlyde System Improves ROP 60%, Drills 1.5× Faster in Permian Basin Lateral Wells

Published: 03/23/2016

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HydraGlyde System Chart
Using the HydraGlyde system, the operator drilled the production interval in 4.38 days, 1.5× faster than the average time spent drilling offset wells with OBM. The average ROP of the lateral sections (excluding the build section) drilled with the HydraGlyde system was 138.8 ft/h, a 60% increase compared with the average of seven offset wells drilled with OBM.
Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore

Wolfcamp Shale

Measured depth
15,580 ft [4,749 m]

True vertical depth
9,520 ft [2,902 m]

Production hole section
8 3/4 in × 8 1/2 in

Production casing
5 1/2 in

Interbedded shale and limestone

An operator used an oil-base mud (OBM) in previous wells drilled in the Midland basin’s Wolfcamp Shale, but the resulting hauloff requirements increased overall well cost. The operator sought a solution to match or exceed the ROP achieved using the OBM without increasing hauloff or cuttings disposal costs.
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