Improving Cementing Increases Oil Production, Permian Basin | Schlumberger
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Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore
To assess the effect of communication between perforated intervals in a typical Permian Basin well with complex fracture geometry, Kinetix reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software was used to simulate typical 3-year production performance after hydraulic fracturing using slickwater with 70% or 100% of perforated intervals isolated.
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Improving Cementing Increases Oil Production, Permian Basin

For plug & perf completions, modeling confirms that optimizing perforation cluster isolation improves production

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In the Kinetix software simulation for a Permian Basin well, the complex discrete fracture network masks differences in fracture geometry for a well with 70% of perforated intervals isolated (left) or 100% isolation (right). Production modeling, however, indicates the well with 100% isolation produces 15% more oil after 3 years—an increment of about 45,000 bbl—as compared with the 70% isolated well. Other case studies have demonstrated the ability of Fulcrum technology to improve isolation in horizontal wells by limiting fluid migration through NAF channels.
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