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Improving Cementing Increases Oil Production, Permian Basin

Published: 09/19/2019

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Kinetix software simulations showing how cementing quality affects the fracture network
In the Kinetix software simulation for a Permian Basin well, the complex discrete fracture network masks differences in fracture geometry for a well with 70% of perforated intervals isolated (left) or 100% isolation (right). Production modeling, however, indicates the well with 100% isolation produces 15% more oil after 3 years—an increment of about 45,000 bbl—as compared with the 70% isolated well. Other case studies have demonstrated the ability of Fulcrum technology to improve isolation in horizontal wells by limiting fluid migration through NAF channels.
Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore
To assess the effect of communication between perforated intervals in a typical Permian Basin well with complex fracture geometry, Kinetix reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software was used to simulate typical 3-year production performance after hydraulic fracturing using slickwater with 70% or 100% of perforated intervals isolated.
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