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Enhanced Cement Limits Drilling Fluid Mobility

Published: 10/25/2019

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Bar chart of changes in NAF drilling fluid yield point with different cement types.
Conventional cement had a slight effect on drilling fluid rheology, but the Fulcrum technology-enhanced cement increased the drilling fluid yield strength by more than 4,000%.
For details and additional testing data, see SPE-191561.
North America

Setting temperature
340 degF [171 degC]

Slurry density
14.5 lbm/galUS [1,737 kg/m3]

Curing time
6 days


Fulcrum cement-conveyed frac performance technology modifies the rheology of nonaqueous drilling fluid (NAF) in channels next to the cement. To quantify the rheology change, scientists prepared vials containing 15-mL slurries of conventional cement and the same cement with Fulcrum technology, added 2 mL of diesel-based drilling fluid, and allowed the samples to set at a common downhole temperature. After 6 days, the vials were opened and the yield points of the drilling fluids measured.

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