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Exclusive line that reduces costs and waste volumes

M-I SWACO offers a comprehensive suite of OEM and replacement shaker screens that combine multiple mesh sizes with our patented composite frame technology to provide higher throughput and longer life. Available for M‑I SWACO, Derrick, Brandt/NOV, and other shaker brands, the exclusive line of long-lasting composite screens optimizes solids control efficiency to reduce costs and waste volumes for any targeted formation and drilling application.

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Mesh sizes for any solids control challenge

Our ultradurable, API-compliant composite screens are available in a broad range of mesh grades, including the patented XR MESH shaker screen mesh, which can be matched to meet the distinct solids control challenges of different formations.

Cost effectiveness without compromise

By combining a wide variety of mesh sizes with composite screen technology, M‑I SWACO provides operators the flexibility of selecting the most cost-effective mesh without compromising screen life or higher throughput capacity.

DURAFLO Composite Screens

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DURAFLO OEM and Replacement Screens

Metal- and Plastic-Back Screens

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Screen Selection Tool

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With the M-I SWACO Screen Selection Tool, you can easily match the API and micron cut point with the type of shaker on your rig to determine exactly which screen to choose. Download app

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