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Neuro autonomous solutions

Enhanced technologies for improved well economics with repeatability, reliability, and reduced carbon

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Autonomy, the next level in operational performance
Neuro™ autonomous solutions combine unique SLB domain expertise with connected intelligent systems that create a continuous feedback loop between surface and downhole. This significantly increases the efficiency, consistency, and reliability of E&P operations while reducing human intervention and the carbon footprint. Neuro solutions are based on four pillars: intelligent planning, intelligent execution, surface automation, and downhole automation. These capabilities have enabled autonomous operations across the well life cycle—improving how the industry constructs wells, proves and connects reservoirs, sustains production, maximizes recovery, and decommissions wells—laying the groundwork for fully autonomous operations in the near future.
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Fewer emissions. Better performance.

Neuro solutions support our effort to reduce the carbon footprint because they integrate technology that eliminates the need for engineers to travel to wellsites. And using Performance Live™ digitally connected service, domain experts access data from anywhere at any time—the workplace, the home, or wherever they can log onto our robust network. By reducing personnel on the rig site, associated travel (even travel to a workplace), HSE risks, and environmental impact diminish equally—without inhibiting performance. Performance Live service and Neuro autonomous solutions are two sides of a digital coin that furthers our transitional efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

Autonomous directional drilling increases ROP by 13%.

Case Study

Autonomous Directional Drilling Boosts ROP by 13%

Neuro autonomous solutions increases footage drilled between downlinks by 36%.

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  • Neuro Solutions 3D Brand Image
    Neuro Autonomous Solutions
    Enhanced technologies for improved well economics with repeatability, reliability, and reduced carbon

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