Protect your production asset well-being 

Oil and gas production chemicals for flow assurance and asset integrity

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Investing in a well-planned and well-executed chemical program at the start of your project has the potential to save you significant costs in the long term. We can help you plan your production journey from start to finish to identify the optimal production chemistry. You'll avoid expensive downtime and minimize costly and unplanned replacement and remediation.

Protect your production asset

Maximize production and extend the life of your assets—while lowering total cost of ownership and operational impact—with effective production chemistry from our experts. We understand that your production assets are dynamic. That's why we’ve created a comprehensive portfolio of production chemistry products and services. Designed for the continuously evolving life cycle of your asset, they drive sustainability, profitability, and efficiency at every step along your production journey.

A partner with the right chemistry

With a global presence, deep domain expertise across all types of oilfield services, and a proven portfolio of low-impact chemistry, we are the perfect partner to help you protect your upstream, midstream, and downstream production assets worldwide.

A comprehensive portfolio of production chemicals and services

For asset integrity, flow assurance, production optimization, and purification, with automated and digital solutions to take your performance to the next level.

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