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Hydraulic Booster

Simple, compact design for high-pressure valves

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The Cameron hydraulic booster offers a convenient method of stroking an actuator or operating a valve in the absence of system control pressure. Hydraulic boosters are particularly useful on high-pressure valves or in any instance where mechanical hold-open devices are not capable of providing the necessary force to open a valve.

How it works

A small hand pump is connected to the hydraulic booster, and pressure is applied through the pressure inlet to the seal area. This results in a downward force being applied to the top shaft of the actuator, causing the gate valve to shift to the open position.

Its design is simple and compact. The hydraulic booster is threaded onto the top shaft of the hydraulic actuator, and pressure is applied to move the valve to the open position. Short body and shaft permit operation in tight clearance applications.

1/2-in NPT threaded connections for supply and rupture disc
Max. control pressure, psi [bar]
3,000 [210.9]
Operating temperature range, degF [degC]
–20 to 250 [–29 to 171]
Weight, lbm [kg]
35 [17]
Hydraulic Booster