Hydraulic Quick-Exhaust Valve Assembly

Relieve thermal expansion and eliminate slamming during opening

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

By installing the Cameron hydraulic quick-exhaust valve assembly at the actuator inlet, hydraulic fluid is partially restricted during fill, thus preventing valve slamming at the time of opening. Loss of upstream hydraulic pressure will unseat the quick-exhaust poppet, releasing hydraulic fluid in the actuator through the exhaust port for fast, reliable surface safety valve (SSV) closing. Resupply of upstream pressure will shift the poppet back on seat for reopening the SSV.

An orifice bypasses the check assembly to prevent thermal expansion of hydraulic fluid within the actuator. A spring provides additional force to the poppet assembly to overcome residual hydrostatic pressure contained within the control system.

Hydraulic fluid or diesel
Connection, in NPT
1/2 to 14
Operating temperature range, degF [degC]
–20 to 250 [–29 to 121]
Weight, lbm [kg]
8 [3.63]
Hydraulic Quick Exhaust Valve Assembly