Opener Devices

A range of valve actuation products

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Mechanical opener

Cameron's mechanical opener is used to open low-pressure gate valves when actuator control pressure is unavailable. This accessory is offered in sizes suitable for valves up to 7 in.

Screw jack

Our screw jack is used to mechanically stroke a valve before the actuator is installed. This device mounts directly onto a Cameron bonnet assembly.

Hydraulic opener

The hydraulic opener is used when a mechanical opener is not feasible. Cameron's opener will open pressurized gate valves when the actuator is out of service. Openers are available for valve sizes ranging from 2 to 12 in, with control pressures up to 5,000 psi [345 bar] in the valve body.

HSLOD heat-sensitive lock-open device

An essential fire safety appliance, the Cameron HSLOD device mounts on top of a hydraulic or pneumatic gate valve actuator in its open position. In the event of fire, a fusible link in the lock-open device melts, permitting a segmented lock to disengage from the collar, thus effectively releasing the shaft of a fail-safe actuator and permitting it to move upward through the segmented lock. This action closes the reverse acting surface safety valve (SSV) and shuts in the well.

The HSLOD device can be ordered with a hydraulic override shear release mechanism. This feature allows the lock-open device to be tripped, causing the actuator to close the SSV by applying hydraulic pressure to the shear release body.The hydraulic override permits the actuator to be closed quickly in low-temperature emergency situations with the HSLOD device in place.

Opener Devices