Flapper Pneumatic Quick-Exhaust Valve Assembly

Three-port valve with inlet port, actuator, and larger exhaust port

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Cameron’s pneumatic quick-exhaust flapper-type valve is a three-port valve with one inlet port, one actuator, and a larger exhaust port.

How it works

When the inlet port is pressurized, the exhaust port is closed by the flapper, which is a soft-material seal. The inlet port then is connected with the actuator port. When pressure falls at the inlet of the quick exhaust valve, the actuator port is automatically opened to the exhaust and the actuator is rapidly depressurized. Only three major parts are required to complete the assembly.

Mounting connections size, in NPT
1/2 on both inlet and actuator ports
Air and instrument gas
Operating temperature, degF [degC]
–20 to 200 [–29 to 93]
Operating pressure, psi [bar]
5 to 150 [0.35 to 10]
Inlet and actuator ports, in NPT
1/2 to 14
Exhaust port, in NPT
3/8 to 14
Flow to actuator, Cv [Kv]
8.0 [116]
Flow to exhaust, Cv [Kv]
12 [174]
Product weight, lbm [kg]
0.44 [0.2]
Shipping weight, lbm [kg]
1.2 [0.55]
Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve Assembly - Flapper Type