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The Quick-Disconnect bonnet completely isolates the actuator from the bonnet without compromising safety.  

Because the bonnet and actuator are two distinct products, you can remove the actuator from the bonnet without depressurizing or isolating the valve. While the original actuator is being serviced, you can use a substitute actuator on the bonnet, or you can install a larger or smaller actuator to accommodate a change in production pressures. You can even substitute a hydraulic actuator for a pneumatic actuator, providing that adequate control pressure is available.

We design each valve bonnet to adapt to one of the many commonly used gate valves. Bonnet selection is simple and specific for each valve manufacturer and model. Actuator choice is entirely a matter of available control pressure and desired characteristics.

The Quick-Disconnect bonnet features both a metal-to-metal backseat seal and a state-of-the-art sealing system. The sealing system is designed for the pressure range and service of the valve and is interchangeable with others in its size and pressure range.

Because of their individual, completely self-contained sealing systems, a sour-service bonnet can be used in conjunction with a standard service actuator, providing that the control medium is acceptable.


  • Patented Quick-Disconnect bonnet isolates all process fluids in the valve body.
  • The device is rated to match the valve specifications for relevant service environments and applications.
  • The two-piece stem design makes actuator selection a matter of control pressure required and operating characteristics.
  • The Quick-Disconnect bonnet provides easy access to critical seal areas for quick valve maintenance.
  • A wide selection of packing cartridges are available for every service environment.
  • Bonnets adapt to all popular gate valves with a permanent drift setting capability.
  • The stem and packing cartridges are made of 17-4PH stainless steel as a standard. Corrosion-resistant alloy materials are available upon request.
Quick-Disconnect Bonnet