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G7 Fabricated Gate Valve

GROVE valve for long-term integrity and drop-tight shutoff in liquid pipelines

G7 fabricated gate valves undergoing quality control.

Maximize sealing and install in any orientation

The G7 gate valve, part of the GROVE valve family, complies with API Spec 6D, using a through-conduit design that promotes long-lasting, reliable sealing and actuation performance.

Factory tested to both double block-and-bleed and double isolation-and-bleed, G7 valves comply with requirements of a wide variety of applications. Internal guide tabs enable installation in any orientation, giving you extra flexibility in tight spaces.

Reduce product contamination in liquid pipelines

The G7 valve body is constructed of pressure-vessel-grade plating, which is less prone to raw material defects and enables designs with smaller body cavity volumes versus traditional cast gate valves. That low internal volume translates to less product contamination in your operations.

Improve safety with double block-and-bleed and double isolation-and-bleed design standards

In the closed or open position, a tight seal is formed between the gate and both seats. This allows the body cavity to be bled and effectively creates two barriers for isolating pressure downstream of the valve for increased safety.

Large-bore G7 gate valve constructed using pressure-vessel-grade plating.
G7 fabricated gate valve reduces maintenance while delivering long lifetime performance.
Diameters: 6 to 48 in
API Pressure Classes: 150 to 900

Ensure lifetime valve integrity

All full-penetration, pressure-containing welds on the G7 valve fabricated body have been enhanced to accommodate volumetric and surface examination to confirm the integrity of the valve body under ASME codes.

The blowout-proof stem forms an API Spec 6D-compliant metal-to-metal seal with the bonnet when the stem is in the up position. The backseat isolates and protects the SLS spring-loaded lip seal from line pressure, greatly extending its service life.

Save time and cost with inline repairability and less maintenance

The SLS seal optimizes performance and reduces maintenance requirements. The seal has a long history of proven performance and is hydrocarbon fugitive emission and fire tested. The filled PTFE shell is backed with a corrosion-resistant alloy spring, making it suitable for virtually all line media.

Reduce turbulence and allow pigs and scrapers to pass

In these large-bore valves, pressure drop through the valve is no greater than that through an equal length of equal-diameter pipe, which reduces destructive turbulence. Pigs and scrapers can pass these fullbore, through-conduit valves as well.

API Spec 6D GROVE Valves
Fabricated gate valves.
Details of the beneficial features of the G7 fabricated gate valve.
Details of the beneficial features of the G7 fabricated gate valve.

Simplify lubrication and enable emergency sealing

The standard stem injection port enables the option to lubricate the stem for extended valve service or inject plastic packing for emergency stem sealing.

The standard seat injection feature enables the option to lubricate the seat face for extended valve service or inject sealant for emergency seat sealing.

Industry Compliance
Valve assembly API Spec 6D
CSA Standard Z245.15
End flanges ASME Standards B16.5 and B16.47
Weld ends ASME B16.25, B31.3, B31.4, and B31.8
Fire testing ISO 10497 and API Spec. 6FA certification
Sour service NACE MR0175/ISO 15156
Piping codes ASME B31.4
ASME B31.8
Quality system ISO 9001
Regulatory Compliance
US Code of Federal Regulations Liquid pipelines—CFR Title 49, Part 195§ Gas pipelines—CFR Title 49, Part 192††
Canada Canadian Registration Number (CRN)
Europe Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Available upon request.
B16.5 for sizes 2–20 in and 24 in; B16.47 for sizes 26 in and larger.
§ Requires testing only to API Spec 6D, which is standard.
†† Requires manufacturing in accordance with API Spec 6D but not necessarily monogramming.