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Commercial Aluminum DYNATORQUE 90

Quarter-turn worm-gear operators

close up of multiple gears

Our commercial aluminum DYNATORQUE 90 worm-gear operators are for use with valves, dampers, and most other quarter-turn applications requiring a self-locking mechanism. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to offer both standard construction and custom configurations.

Standard operators are available with various mounting interface dimensions. Custom-machined gears come with bores and bolt holes for direct mounting to the valve. Standard housing material is aluminum.

DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Commercial Aluminum Worm-Gear Operators


Model Unit Weight lb Max. Output Torque, Gear Ratio Turns for 90° Output Bore (in.) Std. Keyway Size, in × in Std. Mounting Pattern
(Qty. and Size)
Std. Mounting Pattern
(Bolt Circle)
Mech. Adv. Handwheel Size, in Approx. Rim Pull, lbf
DT2 4 2,000 30:1 7.5 1.000 0.250 (4)3/8-16 3.250 8.10 6 82
DT5 7 5,000 48:1 12 1.750 0.375 (4)1/2-13 5.000 12.96 <10 77


  • Handwheels listed are recommended sizes to produce full rated torque with the rim effort listed.
  • Bore, keyways, and mounting patterns listed are for Cameron standards.
  • Standard mounting patterns on the DT2 and DT5 are (4) tapped holes straddling centerline at 45°.