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CT real-time stimulation and conformance service

ACTive Matrix
CT real-time stimulation & conformance service

The ACTive Matrix CT real-time stimulation and conformance service optimizes CT matrix stimulation through live monitoring of injection rates and downhole pressure and temperature, enabling maximum fluid penetration and diversion. Once the service is deployed, a baseline distributed temperature sensing, or DTS, survey is shot, which provides a reference point for subsequent temperature surveys and is used to optimize fluid placement before stimulation begins. The acid stimulation fluid is pumped and enters the most permeable sections of the reservoir. Once the first treatment is complete, the coiled tubing is brought to TD, and additional DTS surveys are shot to identify which zones were receptive to acid stimulation. The data is reviewed to adjust the pump schedule for diversion and the second stimulation stage. The diversion stage selectively and temporarily seals the zones that have already been treated, directing the second acid stimulation treatment to the next zone to successfully stimulate all of the targeted intervals. This process is repeated as needed to ensure effective stimulation of the entire reservoir.

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