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KUDU HPU | Video

Hydraulic pumping unit

Hydraulic pumping unit

The next-generation KUDU HSU hydraulic pumping unit is designed for simple installation, an unmatched long stroke, and zero produced-fluid leakage, making it the ideal fit for your operations. Available in electric- and gas-powered configurations with a wide range of stroke lengths and peak polished rod load ratings, the KUDU HSU provides flexibility to suit a variety of well conditions including heavy, medium, and light oil wells, deep horizontal wells, shallow vertical wells, and thermal wells. The HSU is deployed with a KUDU power unit that is capable of operating two cylinders concurrently. Operators can reduce capex by producing from two wells at the cost of operation for a single well. With fully enclosed cylinders connected directly to the wellhead, the HSU eliminates the risk of produced fluid leaks and minimizes downtime, costs, and environmental impact. To further safeguard against any spills, the unit’s cylinder has multiple seals and redundancies to keep the hydraulic and produced fluids where they belong. The KUDU HSU offers a wide range of stroke lengths and peak polished rod load ratings of up to 50,000 pounds to enable a greater variety of pumping options. With a long stroke length of up to 336 in, the KUDU HSU enables using a longer pump barrel and reduces cyclic stresses on the pump and rods, which extends run life and maximizes well production. The longer strokes also reduce wear on the rod, tubing, and pump to lower workover frequency and maintenance costs along with minimizing downtime. Increased gas compression ratios help eliminate gas locking in the reciprocating rod pump and optimize production. Remote access to the unit means that operators can view important real-time data and make adjustments from anywhere at any time to quickly respond to changing well conditions and optimization opportunities. With multiple cylinder configurations and power unit options, the KUDU HSU is the right pumping unit for your application to increase production and efficiency rates while providing a safer pumping unit environment.

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