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PeriScope Edge | Video

Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

PeriScope Edge
Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

PeriScope Edge multilayer mapping-while-drilling service—it’s a long name for something that significantly enhances better decision making while drilling. And it gives you the edge you need with the industry’s most precise real-time steering service available, enabling a trajectory that maximizes exposure in complex reservoirs with razor-thin target areas.

PeriScope Edge service doubles depth-of-detection range compared with previous bed-boundary-detection services, delivering clear boundaries delineation—even for the thinnest layers (3 feet or less)—and more cloud-computing power behind the ultra definition mapping for faster turnaround time while drilling. It’s almost as if you were standing inside the well itself and can see the high-definition landscape around you.

PeriScope Edge service provides an instantaneous collaborative environment, and it delivers real-time ultrahigh resolution for earlier, more precise boundary and layer detection for better decision making while navigating production zones within complex reservoirs.

And it’s all by remote control—from anywhere at any time.

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