ReSOLVE iX Service | Video

Published: 06/30/2020

ReSOLVE iX service equipment
ReSOLVE iX Service
Expand the operating envelope to extreme conditions, including sour, HPHT, and extended-reach wells.

Some say the easy oil is all gone. Perhaps we need to change our definition of "easy." It has been proved that routine well intervention can increase production by 10% with a reduced carbon footprint. But we understand that well intervention poses risks and can be unpredictable. What if you could reduce both risk and cost while efficiently achieving your objectives?

Reinvent your intervention to recover more production with ReSOLVE iX wireline service. This intelligent and powerful 2 1/8-inch intervention platform simply puts you in real-time control of your intervention, wherever you are. The instrumentation enables real-time downhole measurement and diagnostics, visualized in a user-friendly dashboard. You can now confirm operations as they happen and quickly adjust your actions to address downhole uncertainties. And because the success of your intervention can depend on what happens in milliseconds, ReSOLVE iX services are engineered for downhole automation to react fast and deliver the best outcome.

The cutting-edge MillOptimizer milling system autonomously controls the milling operation by orchestrating the combined action of the TuffTRAC iX tractors and the milling tool. It constantly reacts to changing conditions to prevent bit stalling and sticking so you can efficiently regain access to your wells. The configurable ReSOLVE iX services are customized to meet your needs so you can intervene in any condition—including lightweight well interventions or in the most extreme environments, such as HPHT, sour, or deep water. ReSOLVE your production obstacles and remain in control. Reduce risks. Reduce cost. Recover more.