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Live downhole reservoir testing

Live downhole reservoir testing

How can you be confident that you have enough data to determine your reservoir’s dynamic performance with the certainty you need? Schlumberger now passes the baton to you.

Symphony live downhole reservoir testing enables you to orchestrate the ultimate performance. Expert engineers at the dedicated Operational Control Center are continuously available to support you at every step of the test. Together, we can optimize the design of your Symphony testing string configuration to get the best arrangement to unlock the powerful Muzic wireless telemetry capabilities.

Symphony testing makes every moment and every measure count, from correlating the string position to enabling selective single-run multizone testing. Symphony testing’s industry-leading downhole digital technologies are all united via Muzic wireless telemetry.

Throughout your reservoir test, you have the flexibility with digital workflows to control your Symphony test string. Its pressure-free control allows you to take representative PVT samples in complex or previously untestable environments. Continuous downhole data unlocks informed decisions. Arrive at answers with a new level of certainty.

Make it Schlumberger; make it Symphony testing; and make it count.

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