Tech Talk: How to Efficiently Log Lateral Wells

Published: 06/29/2021

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Tech Talk: How to Efficiently Log Lateral Wells
Efficiently log difficult-to-access wells with a unique set of slim formation evaluation tools.

Hello, my name is Firas Al Shaikh, and welcome to our Houston Formation Evaluation Technology Center.

With the increased focus on capital discipline and volatile oil and gas prices, it is critical to reduce reservoir uncertainty and shorten the learning curve in any field development while driving down the cost of the value chain. Not having high-quality subsurface data can turn this into a much longer and more costly endeavor. The question becomes how we can efficiently acquire such data to enable fast decision making.

ThruBit through-the-bit logging services is a low-risk conveyance solution that provides high-resolution geological and geophysical data to help unlock actionable subsurface insights. Designed for versatility, ThruBit services is an ultraslim platform that enables you to access multiple well scenarios, including slim holes and extremely rugose, highly deviated, or horizontal wells. The 2 1/8-in toolstring is conveyed through the drillstring and out of a Portal bit to log the open hole. You can now log beyond gravitational descent without having to deploy time-consuming specialty conveyance. This agile, fit-for-purpose solution reduces risks, eliminates additional trips, and saves rig time by deploying the toolstring and logging during a hole conditioning run.

Since 2011, ThruBit services have come a long way. We have applied Schlumberger's century of experience in formation evaluation to enhance the services measurements and reliability. What started as a basic triple-combo set has now become a comprehensive multidomain subsurface evaluation platform. Today, ThruBit services provide these high-resolution measurements:

  • neutron, density, resistivity, and spectral gamma ray
  • photorealistic imaging
  • advanced acoustics and geomechanics.

Furthermore, you can now acquire multifunction spectroscopy using our award-winning Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service on ThruBit services conveyance.

All measurements are fully integrated with Schlumberger's latest software platforms and workflows to deliver actionable insights in relevant time, so you can make better decisions related to drilling optimization, well placement, and fracturing and completion design.

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