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ThruBit Services: Optimize Your Field Development

Published: 11/12/2021

ThruBit Through-the-Bit Logging Services
ThruBit Services: Optimize Your Field Development
Efficiently acquire comprehensive data in development wells to improve your field development strategy.

Remember that age-old proverb, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”? Yeah, that’s not entirely true. What you don’t know may come back to bite you.

Take field development for example. Wouldn’t you want to maximize the outcome and improve your drilling efficiency? Instead of acquiring comprehensive data in just exploration wells and upscaling it to the development phase, you can now also efficiently acquire data in development wells. With what technology, you ask? That’s where ThruBit services comes in. They reveal the truth, no matter your well’s complexity.

So, you need to log a slim or highly deviated development well? No worries. ThruBit services can be seamlessly integrated with drilling operations to log the open hole. The ultraslim design enables you to access multiple well scenarios. You can now log beyond gravitational descent without having to deploy time-consuming specialty conveyance.

Want to map the petrophysical variations? You got it. Want to know your reservoir mechanical properties? Easy peasy. What about understanding how your fractures propagate? Not a problem. As a multidomain subsurface evaluation platform, ThruBit services provide classic triple-combo to advanced measurements. And when you combine ThruBit services’ discrete fracture network with insights from Optiq Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions, you can optimize drilling and stimulation parameters, well spacing, and pumping sequences.

How fast can you get the answers? When you need them. All measurements are fully integrated with Schlumberger’s latest software and workflows. Additionally, we can also partner with you to develop custom workflows to fit your objectives. Now, you can contextualize what is happening to improve your completion and fracturing design with the highest certainty.

Have a little peace of mind knowing that you can better plan your field to maximize your production. With ThruBit services, we made the complex actually quite simple and brought to light the unknown, safeguarding your production.

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