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Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

TruLink Service
Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

In the remote subterranean depths impervious to normal sight and even sound, getting a complete, real-time picture is more crucial than ever… Introducing TruLink definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service. It replaces the traditional definite surveys once taken while stationary, using single-axis continuous data to make steering decisions. TruLink service provides a 6-axis definitive survey at every point while drilling. In other words, you never have to stop for a survey again. Rather than taking 9 to 12 minutes per stand, this definitive-drilling-mode innovation eliminates all survey-related rig time, enabling a continuous definitive dynamic survey. From the very start of drilling the tophole, you’re able to continuously confirm your location and lithology, avert washouts, and sustain true vertical all the way to the precise kickoff point… …which is where things can literally get sticky. Definitive dynamic surveys while drilling reduce the likelihood and risk for stuck pipe because the BHA no longer needs to be stationary while taking surveys. TruLink service enables you to see data in real time, so you can react before problems become insurmountable. As well as incorporate true 3-axis shock and vibration for effective mitigation by adjusting drilling parameters—all while drilling. Definitive dynamic surveys while drilling survey through every point of the well, enabling you to make steering adjustments in real time, which means you can reduce dogleg severity and create smoother curves and laterals in the most complex 3D well profiles. TruLink definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service is about delivering real-time borehole conditions to reduce your drilling risks and to get you to TD faster. Superior directional accuracy comes from having more control while drilling the well, better borehole quality and consistency, and an optimal trajectory—all while eliminating survey time. That’s TruLink definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service.

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