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Wireline logging and digital insights: A case study

Published: 11/30/2023

Wellbore Insights on Delfi
Wireline Logging and Digital Insights: A Case Study
Case study: Learn how a customer made informed decisions within operational time using advanced wireline logging and automated digital workflows.

For accurate characterization of an embedded laminated reservoir in a complex geological and structural setting, a customer reached out to SLB for high-quality data and fast turnaround time during logging operations. Whereas previous attempts using other technologies were ineffective, we proposed a fit-for-purpose evaluation program using our advanced wireline logging technology—including the Ora™ intelligent wireline formation testing platform—and Wellbore Insights on Delfi. Learn how this approach enabled the customer to make informed decisions within operational time, leading to an increase in prospect value, more accurate reserves booking while properly managing associated risk, and early field development planning.

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