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DeScal Service: Decommissioning

Reducing the risks and costs of site abandonment

PREVENT Technologies
Chemistry to mitigate production threats
PERFORM Technologies
Chemistry to achieve full field potential
CURE Technologies
Chemistry to restore full production

Identify the optimal strategy for site abandonment

Because of the wide variety of hydrocarbon-producing installations worldwide, technical solutions for decommissioning differ and are often unique and customized for each specific activity throughout the operation. DeScal descaling, decontamination, and decommissioning service teams identify the optimal strategy for each application, ensuring efficient technical process design and QHSE compliance.

The challenges frequently associated with decommissioning projects are safely managed, including

  • trapped oil
  • mothballing of flowlines
  • gas and bacteria buildup
  • emulsions
  • wax and asphaltene deposits
  • seabed cuttings
  • reinjection and riserless operations.
DeScal Decommissioning
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