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Scale Management

Prevent and treat scale deposits

Production chemicals

Collaborative approach, backed by extensive experience

With a track record extending over several decades, our scale management services are based on market-leading technology, experienced staff, efficient monitoring tools, and in-depth cooperation with customer teams. A key element of a successful protection strategy for wells and production systems is "the information we need—in time to respond." It's only through close collaboration between your teams and ours that efficient flow of information is secured and effective management achieved.

Comprehensive portfolio for a multitude of applications

Comprising system evaluation, scale formation and location prediction, examination and qualification of potential chemistry, and deployment techniques for long-term effectiveness in all environments, our scale management strategies can address all application types, reservoir through surface conditions, and all stages of a project—from pre-FEED to late life. You can choose

  • scale inhibitor squeeze (SISQ)
  • downhole chemical injection (DHCI)
  • continuous injection via gas lift (GLI)
  • subsea Injection
  • direct surface (topside) injection
  • solid products for downhole application
  • combined products—corrosion and scale inhibitors, asphaltene and scale Inhibitors
  • solutions for geothermal environments
  • water treatment.
Diagram showing 4-step approach to scale management: assessment, strategy implementation, monitoring, and review.

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