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Scale Inhibitor for Oil Wells

Incorporating chemistry, deployment techniques, and qualification testing

Production chemicals

Products for all applications and conditions

However hostile or challenging the environment, you can maintain optimal production by inhibiting scale with our highly effective and evolving portfolio of products and services. Our scale inhibition technologies and chemical data management software together provide the solution that is ideal for your application.

A comprehensive line of inhibitor chemistries is available to suit various deployment techniques and guard against different types of scale, including conventional carbonate and sulfate scales, halites, silicates, and sulfides. Phosphonates; polycarboxylic acids; tagged and end-capped polymers; environmentally friendly, nonaqueous, or solid-form scale inhibitors; products for HPHT and deepwater environments; and tailored solutions for improved material compatibility can be supplied.

PREVENT scale inhibitors in the laboratory
Woman in lab testing scale inhibitors

Comprehensive approach to protecting your assets

Our specialists and technicians have the expertise and tools to conduct full qualification programs for a suitable package, including

  • fieldwide scale threat assessments via predictive modelling
  • product selection and formulation for the application and conditions, including environmental restrictions
  • product efficiency evaluation under static and dynamic conditions
  • reservoir core studies for assessment of scale squeeze products
  • scale inhibitor squeeze design.

Solutions are enhanced via advanced software support using Heriot-Watt University's industry-standard SQUEEZE 10 modeling software and our proprietary ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator, OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator, and PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator.